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Explore the magic of Basilicata, where the uncontaminated beauty of nature combines with the historical riches of a land steeped in traditions. If you are looking for an authentic and unforgettable experience, come and discover our wonderful region.

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Basilicata is your home.

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20 places to see in Basilicata

Discovering the Wonders of Lucania: Natural Treasures, Thousand-Year History and Authentic Traditions!


1. The Monticchio Lakes and Monte Vulture

Immersed in the magical atmosphere of Monte Vulture, the Monticchio Lakes offer a retreat of peace and serenity. With the shadow of the volcano as a backdrop, the lakes offer pristine views and nature trails to explore.

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2. The Medieval Castles OF Lagopesole and Melfi

The Castles of Lagopesole and Melfi enchant with their majesty and the history they preserve. Choose to immerse yourself in the medieval atmosphere and discover the legends that surround these imposing buildings.


3. Venosa - The City of ORAZIO


Venosa, the city of Orazio, enchants with its cultural heritage. Stroll through the medieval streets, visit the Roman ruins and be inspired by the city that saw the birth of the great Latin poet.

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4. THE San Fele Waterfalls

The San Fele Waterfalls offer a natural spectacle of rare beauty. Among centuries-old woods and suggestive paths, treat yourself to an experience of pure relaxation and reconnection with nature.


5. Lucanian Dolomites: Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa


Two jewels set in the Lucanian Dolomites, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa fascinate with their cobbled streets and perched houses. Experience the thrill of the Flight of the Angel and admire the views that take your breath away.




Matera, unique in its kind, enchants with the Stones, houses carved into the rock that tell millennia of history. Lose yourself among intricate alleys and rock cathedrals, on a journey through time between authenticity and modernity.

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Maratea, the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, fascinates with its pristine beaches, secret coves and the majestic Christ the Redeemer who watches over the city. A place where sea and mountains blend into a unique setting.



Craco, the ghost town, is a place steeped in mystery and charm. Stroll among the ruins of this ancient abandoned city, admiring the vestiges of a past that seems suspended in time.

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South-west of Basilicata, the Pollino National Park offers a natural paradise with majestic mountains, deep gorges and unique flora and fauna. An unforgettable experience for nature and outdoor sports lovers.


10. the gullies of Montalbano Jonico


The Gullies of Montalbano Jonico, an enchanting and evocative landscape, where erosion has created unique shapes. A place where time seems to stop and nature becomes art.

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11. The palementi of pietragalla


The Palmenti of Pietragalla tell the story of the winemaking tradition of Lucania. Discover the ancient art of winemaking in these historic structures, witnesses of the profound connection between the land and wine.


12. Metaponto: the Magna Graecia of Pythagoras

Metaponto, city of Magna Graecia, offers an unparalleled archaeological spectacle. Explore temples, theaters and evidence of an ancient civilization that has left an indelible mark on history.

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13. Castelsaraceno and the Tibetan bridge


An enchanting village nestled in the mountains. Its narrow cobbled streets and stone houses tell ancient stories, immersing you in a timeless atmosphere.

The Tibetan Bridge, the longest in the world, offers strong emotions and breathtaking views, transporting you to a world where courage and beauty merge.

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14. tricarico: the Arab-Norman city


Its narrow alleys and architecture that mix Arab and Norman styles take you on a journey into the past, revealing a history rich in influences and traditions.

Tricarico Castle, an imposing fortress dating back to the 11th century, has played a crucial role in the history of the region, witnessing numerous events and changes over the centuries.

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Hidden among the hills of Basilicata, Pisticci is an enchanted village that tells millenary stories through its narrow cobblestone streets and characteristic stone buildings. Pisticci offers not only natural beauty but also a unique culinary and cultural experience, enriched by the vibrant local community.

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Irsina, an enchanting medieval village on the Lucanian hills, transports visitors on a journey through time with its ancient walls surrounding the historic centre. With its rich history and timeless charm, Irsina promises an unforgettable experience for anyone privileged to visit.

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17. sirino lake


Located in the Lucanian Apennines-Val d'Agri-Lagonegrese National Park, Sirino Lake, a small treasure hidden in the mountains of Basilicata, is a basin of water surrounded by rich vegetation and a varied fish fauna. This ancient lake, originating from a karst sinkhole, offers a peaceful refuge for those seeking peace and uncontaminated nature.

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18. ferrandina


Ferrandina stands on a hill overlooking the Bradano river valley. Its charming historic center, rich in history and medieval charm, welcomes visitors among winding streets and ancient churches.




Bernalda boasts an enchanting historic center with narrow alleys and majestic noble palaces. Dominated by the suggestive Bernalda Castle, the city also stands out for its food and wine tradition, including the famous Bernalda peels.


20. montescaglioso


Montescaglioso is part of the historical and natural area of ​​the Park of the Rock Churches of Matera, recognized since 1993 as a World Heritage Site together with the famous Sassi of Matera.The municipality is renowned for the Benedictine Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo, founded in 1079, the most significant of the four monastic complexes that earned it the title of “City of Monasteries”.

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